Nanaimo Fire: Evacuation order in the Nanaimo Area

The Nanaimo Regional District, including the community of Nanaimo Lakes, declared a state of emergency Monday night because of a growing fire that spans more than 100 hectares. The properties west of... Read more »

Alex Jones: Apple Removes Most InfoWars Podcasts from iTunes

Most podcasts by Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, have been removed from Apple’s iTunes download platforms and the Podcasts app, the BuzzFeed news site reported on Sunday. word of the company. Alex... Read more »

Unauthorized workout and sexual enhancement supplements seized by Health Canada

Health Canada is advising Canadians that the following products may pose serious health risks. For more information, including what Canadians should do, visit the online safety alert. 19 unauthorized products from a Windsor... Read more »

Opposition criticizes Trudeau government over EpiPen shortage

As Pfizer advised Health Canada that epinephrine auto-injector stocks would be “very limited” in August, opposition parties in Ottawa are asking Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to address this shortage. According to New Democrat... Read more »

Teacher accused of criminal negligence after drowning

The 54-year-old teacher, Nicholas Mills, was charged with criminal negligence causing death after one of his students drowned on a school trip in Algonquin Park. The victim, Jeremiah Perry, could not swim... Read more »