Lake Huron UFO Is 4th Object Shot Down By USA In 2023

Lake Huron UFO Is 4th Object Shot Down By USA In 2023
Lake Huron UFO Is 4th Object Shot Down By USA In 2023 !

The Lake Huron high-altitude object, the United States shot down over Lake Huron on Sunday, was the fourth shot down over North America, in less than two weeks and the third in as many days.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer…

Told the press that, US authorities believe that the Lake Huron UFO shot down on Friday over Alaska, as well as the one shot down on Saturday over Canada, were balloons. 

So was the object shot down this month off South Carolina, which authorities said China was using for surveillance.

A National Security Spokesman Said…

The objects over Canada and Alaska did not look very similar and were much smaller than the suspected Chinese spy balloon shot down on February 4.

Sailors assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group 2, recovered a high-altitude surveillance balloon, the Lake Huron UFO, off the coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on February 5, 2023.

In The Wake Of The Chinese Balloon Flight…

The US military is looking at a broader range of radar data when monitoring North American airspace and is looking at more objects and smaller objects that it might have filtered out as clutter in the past, according to two US Defense officials.

It is not yet clear if the military is detecting objects that have been present, but gone undetected or if there are new airborne objects that were not present before, but akin to the Lake Huron high altitude object.

A Defense Official Said…

The North American Aerospace Defense Command is examining more raw radar data than ever before, in the aftermath of the Lake Huron UFO.

The United States and China exchanged harsh words, with the Chinese Foreign Ministry, after the Lake Huron flying object, expressing in a statement its firm discontent and protest at the use of force by the United States.

The Ministry Of China Stated That…

The Lake Huron UFO shot by US aircraft, was a civil aircraft used for research, primarily for meteorological purposes and that it entered US airspace due to force majeure or uncontrollable events.A senior US administration official, reacting to China’s statement, reaffirmed the position that the Lake Huron UFO was a surveillance balloon that purposely traversed the US and Canada, for the purpose of spying.

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