Google Play Music Ends on 24 February. Switch to YouTube Music App

Google Play Music
Google Play Music Ends on 24 February. Switch to YouTube Music App

GOOGLE LLC has officially announced for discontinue Google Play Music service from December 2020. If you use the android phones then you must know about this news of Google Play Music. According to official report, consumer of this service can Download, Delete and transfer the data from their phone and app for Google Play Music till 24 February 2021. If you couldn’t manage to transfer the data from app till 24 February, you can lose your data from the App afterwards. Google will delete all the data from the app after 24 February.

According to sources, Google is planning to replace their Google Play Music App or Service with their own product YouTube music app. Google LLC has announced about this in last year. So, if you really used to listen the songs on app, then you must transfer your App data to your devices before 24 February 2021, So you may not face issues of losing the data. Google is also start notifying their client by emails and another ways of notification about this service expiration notice. Google also confirm the last data for 24 February 2021.

You can transfer this Google Play Music app data to YouTube Music App by following some easy steps.

1. For this, first go to or Android or iOS app. After this, ‘Transfer to YouTube’ will be found here. Tap on it.

2. Users will then be redirected to YouTube Music, where the transfer will begin. The file to be transferred will contain playlists, songs, albums, likes and upload purchase and billing information.

3. There will also be an option to ‘manage your music’. Users can download the music library, delete the recommendation history or even remove the entire Google Play music library.

If you choose the option of ‘Download your music library’ then you will be redirected to Google Takeout. From here, users can export a copy of Google Play music data.

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