Feast your eyes to “Challenger” the Eagle this Saturday at Marion

Feast your eyes to “Challenger” the Eagle this Saturday at Marion

America’s favorite bald eagle “Challenger” is known to step foot at 2 p.m. in Marion for all his fans to meet and greet them prior to his presentation at the Lincoln Theater. Challenger resided in American Eagle Foundation which is situation at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge.

He is known to retire towards the end of this year at the tender age of 30. He has gathered several fans over the years by travelling from pillar to post acting out free-flight and gloved arrivals at galas, conventions, national sporting events, fundraisers, conference, schools and so on. He has performed more than 350 free flight showings throughout the years and has his picture on a Tennessee specialty license plate.

During a storm in Louisiana, he was blown off a wild nest. Fate as kind to him as he met humans who now are his best friends. Initially he was relocated to the Audubon Zoo of New Orleans wherein multiple attempts to release him to his natural habitat were made. Since, we become extremely close to human until then, hi responsibility was given in the hands of the American Eagle Foundation by fish and wildlife agencies.

The name “Challenger” was given to him in order to honor the fallen crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Meeting the Eagle is a free event. Nonetheless, gifts are acknowledged with 100% of gifts profiting the American Eagle Foundation. The show which is to be held at the Lincoln Theater will be featuring James Rogers, the Marion Senior High School Chorus and the First United Methodist Church Children’s Choice performing Christmas melodies and a tribute to the military. Tickets are $15 for grown-ups and $10 for understudies and kids.

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