United States Beef Exports to Japan

Beef Exports
United States Beef Exports to Japan

Washington, D.C. 17 May 2019: Sonny Perdue, United States secretary announced that the both United States and Japan have agreed on the new terms and conditions that remove Japan’s restrictions on United States beef exports. On previous week, on the margins of the G-20 Agriculture Ministerial Meeting in Niigata, Japan, the  United States Secretary Sonny Perdue met with some Japanese government officials and affirmed the importance of science-based trade rules. As per the new terms, which take effect immediately, and it allows to United States products from all cattle, regardless of age, to enter Japan for the very first time since 2003.

“This is great news for American ranchers and exporters who now have full access to the Japanese market for their high-quality, safe, wholesome, and delicious U.S. beef,” Secretary Perdue said.

“We are hopeful that Japan’s decision will help lead other markets around the world toward science-based policies.”

The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that this expanded access could increase their beef and beef product exports to Japan by up to $200 million yearly. The agreement is also an important step in normalizing trade with Japan, as Japan further aligns its import requirements with international standards for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

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