12 Killed in Arctic Plane Crash

An airplane flying in the arctic region of Canada crashed yesterday, killing 12 of the 15 people who were traveling on the chartered flight to Resolute Bay.

The plane was owned by First Air, a regional Canadian airline that flies to many smaller communities in the country. According to witnesses, the plane crashed in an isolated area just outside of town as it was preparing for its landing. Local residents who rushed to the area to look for survivors noted that debris was scattered all over the crash site.

Rescue efforts were aided due to the fact that military personnel were actually training in the area at the time, where they were learning how to operate in the aftermath of an airplane crash.

Three of the passengers, including one child, survived the crash and were taken to a local hospital to have their injuries treated. Although details of their conditions were not revealed by officials, the media was told that one of the survivors was currently in critical condition.

Investigators looking into the crash are currently unaware as to why the plane went down. However, they have already recovered both black boxes and hope that the information they contain will reveal the cause of the crash.

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